Le Bleu Central is here to help…Contact-Free Delivery

Thank you to our amazing drivers during this critical time.

Le Bleu Central remains open and ready to serve our customers. Our drivers and staff have been increasing our cleaning and disinfecting efforts, including our drivers, our vehicles and our office locations. Our goal is to continue providing Le Bleu to our customers since Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water is beneficial in staying healthy.
We are able to make accommodations for customers where necessary and we encourage you to reach out to help us serve you better by letting us know if:
  • you wish to increase your order on your next delivery.
  • any specifics in regard to how you would like your delivery made.
  • your business is currently closed and you need to postpone your service.
  • you know of anyone in need of water, please respond to this email and we will connect with them.
A few things to keep in mind about Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water:
  • Le Bleu is bottled right here in North Carolina.
  • Le Bleu is Fractional Vapor Compression Steam Distilled and has no expiration date.
  • At Le Bleu, we don’t just rely on just filtration. Le Bleu is heated to over 212 degrees to ensure that no disease causing micro-organisms are in Le Bleu Water.
  • Our trucks are loaded at our own warehouse and product is delivered directly to you.
  • Our drivers have been thoroughly trained to clean and sanitize properly.
  • Le Bleu’s Bottling Manufacturing Operation is thoroughly inspected by FDA to ensure quality and is Kosher Certified.
We understand the magnitude of the situation and we are here to help any way we can. We have an outstanding customer service team to help with any specific needs. Just call or email us:
919-239-8000 – Raleigh/Fayetteville
252-243-2115 – Wilson
We greatly appreciate your business and hope you, your employees and your family stay healthy through this time.
Le Bleu Central Family