Le Bleu + Ice Cooler Rental

$59.00 per month

  • Water & ice dispenser: hot and cold water on demand, plus this cooler can create up to 24.6 lbs. of ice per day
  • Bottom load design: effortlessly replace water bottle – no heavy lifting required; uses 3 or 5 gallon bottles
  • Convenient usability: with a 43.3-inch cooler height and 10.5-inch dispense height, filling and refilling is easy
  • On-demand: stores over 2 lbs. of ice – so when you want ice cold refreshment it’s ready
  • 2x Fast Dispense: large solenoid valve enables bottles, cups, and pitchers to be filled faster than ever before
  • Premium coolers (Le Bleu Ice Or Le Bleu Cafe) are for rental in terms of 36 months. Once a customer passes the 36 month mark, the customer will have the option to discontinue rental service. Rental will continue after the 36 month mark unless Le Bleu Central is notified of cancellation.